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Graham Pinder explains how a residential lease plan is drawn…

When I am appointed to develop a residential lease plan or a commercial one for that matter, I require a copy of the deeds and access to the property to conduct a thorough survey.

It is critical to make an accurate drawing of the property, it must reflect:

  • The elements of the property that are owned.
  • Where rights of access are.
  • Any public rights of way.

Should there be an issue at a later date it is important that the property was recorded accurately at the date of the lease plan.

I use the computer based drawing software “AutoCAD” to generate my lease plans. It is a powerful tool that produces professional results. The AutoCAD files are easily converted to PDF format.

“Thank you for turning this around so promptly”.

Helen Martin, Giles Wilson Solicitors

Residential Lease Plan Drawing

Residential Lease Plan by Architectural Drawings Essex.

As you can see there is a lot of information on a lease plan, click the image or this link to see the full plan. It is important that the Land Registry’s requirements are fulfilled completely. If not your client is likely to experience a costly and inconvenient delay.

This property has shared rights of access with the first floor flat and has access to a public right of way.

Graham Pinder of Essex Architectural Drawings

With a BTEC HNC in Engineering and another in Business and Finance, I am a producer of plans rather than an Architect. My costs are lower and consequently so are my fees. With over thirty years’ hands on experience using Computer Aided Design and 14 years running my own building company, I’m not an architect. As such, I understand explicitly how the theory relates to the laying of bricks on site. I’m also a qualified engineer with a meticulous attention to detail. As such I have the ideal skill set required to advise and provide the design and drawings you need.